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Why Choose Anthem Dentistry for Gum Disease Treatment?

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Scaling & Root Planing

The first step in treating advanced gum disease is scaling, which is a process where bacteria, plaque and tartar above and beneath the gum line are removed. This works to stop the progression of your gum infection. The next step is known as root planing, which focuses more on the roots of teeth. By smoothing out the roots, we can promote their reattachment to the gums and reduce the risk of future infection moving forward. Depending on how extensive your gum disease is, this deep cleaning process may need to be completed over multiple appointments.

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Antibiotic Therapy

Following your routine deep cleaning, we will provide an antibiotic that is placed within the deep pockets of your gum tissue. These pockets generally appear as a result of gum recession, making it easier for food debris to get trapped in between teeth and cause irritation and inflammation. Once the antibiotics are applied, they are slowly released and dissolve naturally inside your mouth over the next week or so. Following your next checkup, we’ll confirm that the antibiotics are working as intended.

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