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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a tooth replacement option that’s designed to replace both the root and crown portions of teeth. This means that oral surgery is needed in order to replace teeth in this way. The natural root is replaced with a titanium post, which slowly integrates with your bone and soft tissue. The crown then attaches directly to the post, giving it a stable foundation that can withstand daily chewing, grinding, brushing, flossing, and of course, smiling!

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Overall, dental implants are designed to mimic teeth almost exactly, ensuring that you can live your life without having to worry about micromanaging your diet or making sure your restoration doesn’t slip out of place while in use. As a result of the implant integrating with your jaw, your tooth replacement will last for many decades when you practice at-home oral care and maintain routine visits to our dental office. In many cases, dental implants last for the remainder of the patient’s life, which should give you added confidence in their longevity.

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Day-to-Day Benefits

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  • Instead of worrying about which foods to avoid with your new prosthetics, dental implants make it possible to enjoy all your favorite foods and beverages. Even those with harder textures are easier to consume because of your stronger bite force and chewing power. While denture-wearers must be careful with the foods they eat, you can worry less while enjoying a healthy, nutritious diet.

  • Your oral health will be much easier to maintain because your implants look and act just like regular teeth. Cleaning dentures and fixed bridges can be cumbersome; however, with dental implants in Anthem, you can easily brush, floss, and rinse like normal, allowing you to minimize your risk for tooth decay and gum disease while better protecting your prosthetics.

  • With dental implants, you can embrace social gatherings and maintain a healthier love life. In fact, 42% of individuals who wear dentures say their romantic life is hindered by their prosthetics, and 10% try to avoid as many social events as possible because of embarrassment. With dental implants, you can freely socialize with family, friends, and colleagues without worrying about anyone noticing your prosthetics.

Health Benefits

Doctor talking to patient about implants
  • Unlike fixed bridges that rely on healthy teeth to remain anchored or dentures that only use your natural suction, dental implants are secured to your jawbone, making it possible to have a more secure prosthetic and smile. This surgical placement into the bone also allows for continuous stimulation that prevents jawbone deterioration – a benefit only achieved with implants.

  • According to Dentistry Today, those who’ve lost 5 or more teeth by the age of 65 are at a higher risk for increased health problems. To help extend your lifespan and reduce the chance for serious health issues (i.e., osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes), it is recommended that you replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

  • You can breathe easily knowing that with dental implants, your chance of developing oral sores is minimal. Unlike dentures that can fit poorly as your facial shape changes, dental implants will remain firmly in place, never to rub or irritate your soft oral tissues.

Long-Term Benefits

Woman showing off her new dental implants
  • There is a 98% success rate when dental implants are put into place by a trusted and knowledgeable implant dentist in Anthem.

  • After 10 years, you can continue to feel confident in your decision to choose implants because they have a success rate of 90-95%!

  • Your implants will remain firmly in place for a lifetime as long as you commit to taking proper care of them over the course of your life.

  • You’ll save money by choosing dental implants simply because you won’t be forced to schedule visits for prosthetic adjustments or replacements every few years, and you won’t need to buy dental adhesives or special cleaning products to maintain your new teeth.

Indications of Dental Implants

Not only are dental implants long-lasting and incredibly natural-looking, but they are quite versatile as well. If you need to replace single or multiple teeth at a time, there’s a solution at Anthem Dentistry!

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single implant diagram

Missing One Tooth

To replace single teeth, a titanium post is placed inside of the jaw, then given several months of time to heal. After the healing process is complete, we can cover the implant with a single porcelain crown. Unlike dental bridges, you won’t have to modify existing teeth just to bridge the open gap in your smile.

Bridge implants

Missing Multiple Teeth

Multiple consecutive teeth can just as easily be replaced as single teeth. To do this, we place a pair of dental implants into your jaw, then create a custom bridge that affixes to both of them simultaneously. This method is ideal for replacing two, three or even four consecutive teeth at a time.

all on four dentures

Missing All of Your Teeth

If you’re tired of using your full or partial denture or it simply does not feel comfortable any longer, attaching it to dental implants may be a better option. By placing several dental implants throughout the jaw, we can attach a full top or bottom arch to them. You don’t even need a dedicated implant for each tooth you replace!

Cost of Treating Dental Implants

Every dental implant treatment comes with its own unique costs based on the patient’s needs. For example, if you need to replace multiple teeth vs. single teeth or you need preparatory treatments like gum therapy or gum grafts to ensure successful treatment, this will increase the overall cost. However, many patients note the long-term value of dental implants thanks to their longevity, aesthetics, and function, especially compared to dental bridges and dentures.

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Dental Implant FAQs

If you’re missing teeth, dental implants in Anthem are a great solution to rebuild your smile. As the only treatment to replicate the entire structure of a tooth, they offer exceptional benefits not possible using any other option. Although you’d like to enjoy their advantages for yourself, we know you still have several concerns before you’re ready to commit to the procedure. We’ll explain everything during your initial consultation. In the meantime, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions patients ask us about dental implants to ease your apprehensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are proven to last for 30 years or longer with the right care over the years. There are several things that can influence the longevity of your new smile, like your health, lifestyle, and oral hygiene habits. You can protect your investment and ensure it thrives for a lifetime by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing every night. Pay extra attention when cleaning your implants and abutments. Besides your home oral hygiene, don’t forget to visit your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. Routine appointments will remove any accumulations that can lead to an infection. Your dentist will also monitor your oral health to look for any concerns. Treating any issues while they are still small will prevent them from turning into a big problem down the road.

Are dental implants successful?

Dental implants have undergone several improvements over the years to make them the most reliable option to replace missing teeth. When performed by a qualified implant dentist in Anthem, they offer predictable results. In fact, they have over a 95% success rate; however, complications can arise if you don’t commit to your oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. We’ll explain how to protect your investment to ensure the long-term success of your dental implants.

What should I do if my dental implant feels loose?

Your implant post will serve as a root, stimulating new bone growth to allow your jaw to fuse to it through a process called osseointegration. As a result, your dental implant should never feel loose; however, if it begins to wobble, it can be a sign of a serious problem. It’s best to contact your dentist right away to pinpoint the source of the issue. Quick detection can help to prevent complete dental implant failure.

Do dental implants feel natural?

A dental implant recreates the entire structure of your missing tooth, not just the portion visible above the gum line. You’ll enjoy a solution that feels natural because it doesn’t rely on other teeth for support. Instead, it is anchored to your jawbone to provide a stable foundation. You can regain as much as 70% of your natural biting force to enjoy your favorite foods. Since dental implants don’t have nerve endings, you won’t need to worry about any tooth sensitivity. If you have any discomfort from heat, cold, or pressure, it will originate from the surrounding gums.

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