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Why Choose Anthem Dentistry for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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Materials Utilized

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Dental Bridges

If you need to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the best option for you! In order to provide an anchor for your dental bridge, we minimally modify existing teeth so the bridge has a lasting foundation to rely on. These teeth act as abutments and keep the bridge from shifting out of place while in use. We also take function, aesthetics, and durability into account when considering the materials used to create your dental bridge.

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One of the most effective ways to replace many teeth at a time at an affordable price is through either a full or partial denture. While dentures have been around for literally thousands of years, they are more natural-looking and longer-lasting than ever before. Over the next couple of appointments, our dental office will design and fabricate a denture that not only fits comfortably inside your mouth, but looks natural to boot thanks to the gum-and tooth-colored materials utilized!

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Dental Implants

For the most comprehensive tooth replacement out there, dental implants offer a multi-pronged solution. Not only do they replace teeth, but they replace the entire tooth, including the root portion that sits underneath the gum tissue. What’s great about dental implants is that they can be combined with traditional options to replace single, multiple, or all teeth in a given arch, ensuring a cost-effective solution for severe tooth loss.

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