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How Dental Technology Makes Our Dentistry Better

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Modern Soft Tissue Laser

Improves Precision
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for Improved Patient Engagement

Intraoral Camera

Do you wish you knew what we were seeing during your routine exam? Not sure why we recommend a specific treatment and need your questions answered? Our intraoral camera is designed to capture high-resolution images of your teeth, gums and many other oral structures, then display them on a monitor for closer viewing. The camera is built into a handheld wand, making it easy to navigate around your oral cavity! It’s perfect for keeping patients actively involved in their routine exams.

woman getting an intraoral camera exam

Digital X-Rays

Traditional X-rays are a thing of the past with the help of Dexis and Dentiray digital X-ray scanners. There’s no need for harmful chemicals or developing rooms thanks to digital solutions, and capturing highly detailed images of your mouth is easier and quicker than ever! Not only can we obtain detailed X-rays in a matter of minutes, but we can reduce radiation exposure by over 80 percent, making scans all the more safer for your entire family.

doctor holding digital x-ray

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

In some cases, our dentists need to learn more about your unique oral structures before completing certain treatments. That’s where our CT/cone beam scanner (or the Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph OP300 as it is technically called) comes in! This device captures a 3D image of your mouth and jaw in just a few minutes, allowing us to pinpoint sensitive areas of your mouth (i.e. your bone and soft tissue, nerves, blood vessels and more.) This makes it especially ideal for placing dental implants safely.

woman getting panoramic x-ray

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers (which specifically refers to energy in the form of light) have quickly proven to be one of the most versatile dental technologies we offer. Not only can they be used for many different treatments (including gum disease therapy, removal of excessive gum tissue, etc.) but they also make treatments far more comfortable for patients. In many cases, patients barely need local anesthetic because of how much more comfortable treatment is compared to traditional dental instruments!

laser dentistry technology

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