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Stop Chronic Pain Once and For All

When you have sudden jaw pain and aren’t sure how it developed, visiting a dentist can make all the difference. Our dentists are trained to not only pinpoint the cause of your jaw pain, but provide TMJ/TMD therapy in Anthem, TX that dramatically reduces and even removes symptoms tied to your issues. If you wake up with jaw pain every morning or can’t seem to figure out what is causing pain in your jaw’s joints, call Anthem Dentistry today and we’ll perform a detailed exam.

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Why Choose Anthem Dentistry for TMJ/TMD Therapy?


Technology Available


Occlusal Adjustments In-House

Occlusal Adjustments In-House

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Diagnosis & Treatment

In order to confirm the cause of your jaw pain or diagnose potential temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), we’ll capture detailed X-rays and cone beam scans of your mouth and jaw. We’ll also ask specific questions regarding your discomfort, including when it occurs most often and where you experience the discomfort. Once we have a more comprehensive evaluation of your jaw pain, we can confirm a diagnosis and create a treatment plan, which may include an oral appliance or equilibration/occlusal adjustments.

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Equilibration/ Occlusal Adjustments

In some cases, TMD disorder can be attributed to the bite being uneven. A bite can become uneven as a result of poorly placed restorations by a previous dentist, misaligned or crooked teeth, or a previous jaw injury that did not heal properly. By modifying existing teeth to be more even, we can remove the disproportionate amount of force being applied to the jaw joints, ensuring that discomfort discontinues moving forward.

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