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What is a Biolase Dental Laser?

The Biolase dental laser is a Class 4 diode laser intended for use on soft tissue inside the mouth. It combines amplified light technology and water to precisely and effectively remove tissue, provide pain relief, and even assist in certain cosmetic procedures! Depending on your needs, it can produce a number of different reactions, including ones that are either photothermal (removal of dead tissue), photochemical (hardening a filling), photoacoustic (removing decay), or non-surgical (promotes wound healing, pain relief, and decreases inflammation.)

What are Biolase Dental Lasers Used to Treat?

At Anthem Dentistry, we mainly utilize the Biolase dental laser for patients who are at risk of periodontal (gum) disease. By addressing the bacteria underlying this infection, we can reduce and eliminate bacteria in the blood, prevent it from spreading to other areas of the mouth, and stop the infection before it causes loss of tissue and/or bone attachment around teeth. It’s also perfect for patients who need excessive or irregular gum tissue removed or modified for cosmetic purposes.

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