Anthem Dentistry Celebrates Halloween 2022

Anthem Dentistry Celebrates Halloween 2022

We love celebrating Halloween at Anthem Dentistry! This year our team dressed up for Prom and danced the night away!

The Anthem Dentistry Team Get Dressed For Prom Night for This Halloween 2022

Dr. Stevenson and his dental team as prom night

Candy is bad for your teeth, no matter what kind you choose. But we also know that on Halloween, it's hard to resist not eating them. That's why the Anthem Dentistry team teaches you a few things to keep in mind:

Chocolate is your best bet. It's one of the best candies because it comes off your teeth easier than other types. Sticky candy sticks to your teeth, so your teeth are exposed to the sugar longer. Hard candies dissolve slowly, and the sugar stays in the mouth longer. Sour candies are acidic. The acidity can weaken teeth and make them more vulnerable to decay. With this in mind, eat candy! But take care of your teeth. Brush often and floss. If you don't have time to brush, rinse your mouth with water to help remove excess sugar that could damage your tooth enamel. 

For more tips on taking care of your teeth from Halloween candy or preventing any dental scares, schedule an appointment here. Dr. Stevenson and his team will be happy to assist you!