How Are Gum Disease and Diabetes Related?

How Are Gum Disease and Diabetes Related?

Even if you don’t have diabetes, you probably know someone who does. In fact, it is a more widespread issue than you think. Approximately 29.1 million people are living with it in the United States. That’s about 9.3% of Americans! Many people don’t even know that they have it yet. Diabetes affects your body’s ability to produce sugar, and it can be linked to many other issues in the body, including gum disease in Anthem. Continue reading to learn how the two conditions are related and how you can keep your gums healthy going forward.

How are Gum Disease and Diabetes Related?

People who already have diabetes in Anthem are more susceptible to developing gum disease, or periodontal disease. In fact, about 22% of people who have diabetes are also suffering from periodontal disease. When you get older, poor blood sugar affects your ability to fight off infections, including infections in the mouth. If you develop gum disease, it will be much more difficult for your body to fight it off. Late-stage periodontal disease can cause your blood sugar levels to rise, ultimately making it more difficult for you to keep your diabetes under control. Both conditions can make the other more serious over time.

How Can You Prevent Gum Disease If You Have Diabetes?

Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean that you are destined to develop periodontal disease, but it is especially important for you to take steps to keep it from developing in the first place:

  • Floss Every Day: You should be flossing each day to remove plaque and bacteria from between the teeth and beneath the gumline. Slide up and down and back and forth in order to prevent inflammation and bleeding.
  • Brush Teeth and Gums: Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, thoroughly brush your teeth, gumline, and gums every single day.
  • Clean Your Tongue: Your tongue can collect bacteria as well. Use either a toothbrush or a tongue scraper to clean your tongue whenever you brush your teeth.
  • Cut Back on Sugar: Having too many drinks and foods that are sweet and acidic can erode the enamel, causing decay. Limit the amount of soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and juice.
  • Visit Your Dentist: Regular dental cleanings and checkups are crucial to achieve optimal oral health. Your dentist is trained to pick up on early signs of gum disease so it can be treated before becoming serious.

If you have diabetes in Anthem, remember that it is extra important that you are taking steps to keep your gums healthy. Use the tips above so you can avoid all of the consequences of periodontal disease.

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